Virtually visit great art museums around the world:


Warning: Very addictive viewing!

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Truely addictive Richard.  I learned about this a while back and spent a week looking.  I referr back to it often.  If you are just now learning about this great site, I feel bad that I did not send it to you long ago.  I just know how busy you are so I try to be very selective on what I send to you.  I still brag on your color course and send people to look at your art at every opportunity!  Ro
:-) Many thanks Ro, hope you guys are still having fun traveling around.
I love the Google Art Project.  Just zooming in and looking at the brush strokes on Van Gogh's Starry Nights is awesome.  I could look at the art on that site for hours.
Richard,  you are right - it truly is addicting!!  I just spent 2 hours exploring.  Thanks for the heads up.  I'm going back, when I have more time.

Richard, thank you very much. Li

Yes, it's one of the best art sites on the internet.  A priceless resource.


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