Hello everyone.  I am excited to be a member of this community.  Already I have enjoyed interaction and feedback in a short period of time.  I have a very busy professional life in medicine (33 years worth) and find I need more creative time to balance my full time job.  I have a studio in Frederick Maryland down the street from my work and share community with other resident artists.  I work in acrylic, watercolor and pen and ink.  We are fortunate to have numerous opportunities for open life drawing studio, which has help improve my figure drawing, but I am most fond of landscape.  Pottery, and printmaking have help to improve my work as I continue to learn.

Hope to include some of the upcoming workshops in my activities!

Donna Q

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Hi Donna!  Welcome!  I am fairly new also, and feel so fortunate to have found this online art community!  So many great, and helpful, artists amongst us, and Richards workshops are wonderful learning experiences (I keep telling myself "no struggle, no gain")!  You will love participating!  I'm glad that you have the opportunity to work amongst other artists and get involved in workshops where you live, that's a big plus!

Really like the three pieces you have posted so far, and look forward to seeing more of your work!  I want to learn about painting in acrylics, and thinking that is what you are currently working in?   I've just done a few acrylics, and keep meaning to do some research on painting techniques.   What sizes are your paintings?

Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!

Candi Hogan

Thank you for the warm welcome, Candi.  I am excited to join the next workshop.  I am sure I will get plenty from it.  As for Acrylics, I really have embraced the medium.  I am not as fond of oils, but don't have as much experience.  My mentor here in Maryland is an acrylic artist and has taught me to become more comfortable with it.  It is closest to watercolor.  I like the faster drying times, and it allows me to work more quickly since time is important to me.  My recent paintings in the park are on 8x6 pine panels that I cut and preped to that size.  I like working smaller on locations, and have filled many journal type books with watercolor, and pen and ink.  I used "open" acrylics in the park yesterday with a slower drying time.  They respond closer to oil, but still dry faster.  I did not have to keep wetting my palette as I do with the regular acrylics.  I use Golden, but am trying the Atelier interactive that I think Richard recommended.  They behave like the Golden open, but blend differently. My "Morning Walk" painting is 30 x 24.  I like working big as well as small.  I do set drops and scenic work for theater, "working big and fast".  It has improve the way I approach plein aire since I don't want to over think the subject....just react and respond.

Thanks Donna!  That is what is intriguing to me about acrylics, the fast drying time, and the ease of clean up!  I am now  using the Water Soluble Oils, (because of clean up )and they seem to take even longer than oils to dry!  I'll check out both the Golden Open and Atelier lines.  See you in the workshop!

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