I have a query for Richard and anyone else who might like to comment.

Richard, I notice that you recommend Archival Oils by Chroma but that you regularly use water soluble oils when making the online demonstration videos.  Do you now prefer water soluble oils to the traditional oils?  

I'm fairly new to oil painting having painted mostly in watercolour and acrylic in the past.  I have bought a number of tubes of traditional oils but I'm now wondering whether I should have bought water soluble oils for more convenience.  It seems that they might dry quicker?  or are they easier to handle? and easier to clean up? I would like to hear the pros and cons on each please.  Thank you.

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Hi Colleen,

I have been using water mixable oils for some time now.  I like the easy clean-up and reduced exposure to solvents.  There are several brands available now ( Windsor and Newton, Lukas-Berlin, Duo-Aqua, Cobra, etc.) and you should try them all to see which you like best.  I do like the Cobra paints and find them quite reasonably priced.  Last year I learned that Daniel Smith was making a water mixable oil and tried them.  They are really quite nice.  I attached a couple of paintings....Sitting with the dog on the bay was painted with Cobra paints.  Swimming lessons was painted using the Daniel Smith paints.  Whichever you choose you will be able to achieve the same effects as traditional oils.  Happy painting!



Thank you for that information Barbara.  Obviously more brands have come onto the market since I first asked the question.  I mostly just paint in watercolour now, but it's good to get some feedback on the traditional oils -v- water based oils question.  Your paintings are lovely and I can't tell any different to traditional oils.



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