Can anybody give me some tips on how to do this safely and cost effectively. I am knew to this and dont want to make mistakes which may be avoidable

Many thanks

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This is a good question, I look forward to what may be posted here.  Small ones on panels go easily in Handi Porter boxes as most people already know. There are also clamps of different kinds to hold a painting by, but most leave it unprotected.   I carry a large size canvas  back and forth to painting class in a large flat box with no top, made from a shipping box that came from Blick with frames in it.  I would like something better.  I have seen the new frame shapes at Judson's, but you have to buy different sides for each  size and they are not inexpensive.

I paint on loose canvas so they can be rolled into a cardboard tube and sent anywhere cheaply and safely.

   A cardboard tube is a great way to send a rolled giclee too.   The way to go for sure, but I am carrying large stretched canvases back and forth to a classical still life group and it usually takes me more than one session to complete.  I need a way to transport those.  looking for suggestions.

If the canvases are the same size you can buy (or make) clips that hold them face to face, with a small gap between. Search for canvas clips. eg. http://www.dickblick.com/products/holbein-canvas-carrier-clips/


You can get wet canvass carrier in cardboard from Cheap Joe called Handy Porters.  Here is the linkhttp://www.cheapjoes.com/guerrilla-painter-handy-porter-box-12-x-16.html

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