Today is the day. Spring is here and my Rhino is full of gas. I have been experimenting with a new plein air pallet this winter and anxious to give it a go.  

My three primaries are Ultramarine Blue, Brown Madder and Cad Yellow Light. I have 2 kicker colors in the kit of Thalo Green and Vermilion Light.

 The reason I choose these colors is everything in my immediate environment is forest and the town architecture is predominantly old wood and rusty tin roofs. Pretty mid to dark values and low chroma with an occasional white house with a lawn and flowers. Hence the 2  kicker colors.

The ultra-marine with the cad yellow light both lean towards the red so make a gray green and the addition of brown madder will gray and darken. The brown madder and the yellow make beautiful browns for the wood, dirt’s and grasses, again both lean towards the red. The madder and blue make a nice violet. Yep you got it, they lean towards the red.

Off to pack up my gear, Jim

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