Glycerin makes acrylic paint not dry fast

Glycerin makes acrylic paint not dry fast, I bought a bottle in pharmacy glycerin to mix with acrylic paint not dry it. Richard and friends, have you tested it?

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Comment by Pandalana Williams on January 1, 2014 at 16:19

If it is the non sweet kind :)  I got propylene glycol on Amazon.  It is the Kosher food grade.  It is what they use in food, soaps, toothpaste, medicines...and what they put in paint for slow drying.  I found out about it on WetCanvas.  It works really great!  I just wipe the canvas down with a very vary small amount before starting when painting in acrylic and my drying time more than triples...I also keep a small bottle of water with a few drops of this in it to spritz if the paint starts to dry to fast.  A little of this stuff goes a long way and if you use too much it will never dry.


This is what I found about Glycerin:

   "Here is what will cost much less than anything art paint suppliers will sell you in smaller bottles.....which is  5 part of water to 1 part of glycerin  alcohol....the trick is that glycerin can hold a lot of water and release it slowly.....this is the acrylic retarder.

Buy refined pure glycerin alcohol used for medical or food-grade uses. You can find it in drugstores.
Your acrylic will dry in about 20 to 60 minutes."

He goes on to say...."While acrylic paints usually dry within ten minutes, adrop (say, one part glycerine to four parts of acrylic matte medium and two parts paint0, will slow down the drying time to about an hour, depending on the thickness of your paint. You can then work with acrylics as you would with oils, depending on the amount of glycerine added I discovered that 'glyceroids' aare an ingredient listed on tubes and bottles of acrylic pains and mediums, and so I felt confident in using it as a medium and slowing agent. I have been using  this formula for over  five years now with no adverse effects."   End of quote.

I have mixed    '1 part glycerine to  4 parts water'  as a spray mix to keep my acrylic paint moist on the palette. This lasts much longer and is definitely an improvement over spraying with  water only. I use this same mix to moisten my paint brush and again as a final rinse -  but only after all the paint has been cleaned away in plain water.


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