where are you my honey

i’m growing tired waiting

on the bench

sitting it out yet AGAIN

looking  for that train


i thought i knew

i’m wondering if i missed it all together

my hope is thinning as my teeth shift

my lids are drooping and i feel the creases in

your face are as deep as you are

i can’t tell you how much i missed our

slow dance and i thought we might play

those paul simon records until our fingers tingled

until i pushed you out into the snow knowing that

you wouldn’t mind

you never did mind


where are you now my honey

my face is falling and i feel as if i

might change beyond recognition

i tried to grasp your hand and heart but

never could get that right

maybe you are riding that train

somewhere, someplace

maybe far away missing


the twinkle in my eye

maybe i gambled you away with that dream we had

remember our love was a classic

i miss you and wonder how i let the years pass by

without a moments notice

i’m sick about it now but i can’t sit on this bench another moment

with all my love

yours truly

- beth sebring


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