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My motivation: "Everything has been painted but not by me"
Son of a house painter so was my grandfather, and therefore paint and color is in my genes
I was born in 1943. A solid education I received the watercolor painter Jacques Maris from 1988 to 1992. To further professionalize a lifelong hobby and a sound basis for criticize, I follow different courses.
Painting is an emotional experience, one is not aware of time and place, there is nothing but the magic of the hand and the paint. My goal is to painting an object and not primarily an image. I actually do these things only for myself
And yet ........ you want to share it with others. Virtually impossible, because the other person sees it different and experience it different and it probably has a different value for it. For the viewer it is also the "other side".
I let me inspired by the different painting styles of the past 150 years.
It is the same as learning a foreign language and very adventurous. In my drawings and watercolors, acrylic and oil paintings, I try also a unique approach.
When I've finished a successful piece, euphoria breaks out in me. But that may take up to the next day and I get the feeling that I should make another painting.

The latter I would never have been able to do without any previous painting.

.I never post try to improve or retouch a generated work. It is an object of that particular moment in the quality and outlook of the moment

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