"Mt Wilson, Las Vegas" 10x8" Oil on Canvasboard.

FINALLY got my baggage from the airline with all my paints and easel safe and sound. God bless the GPS. I will write a ballad and a sonnet for the GPS when I get some spare time.

Stopped of at the Bellagio Hotel on my way to the Canyons to have lunch and see the Monet Exhibition. First of all I was pretty awestruck by the extravagance of the hotel which, like an interesting coastline, it was hard to stop walking to see what was just around the next corner...

Genetically engineered swans - amazing!

This photo's for Helen :-)

The mens room has a chandelier in it! What!?

Okay, so I was already blown away, and then I went in to see the Monet exhibition. I cried like a baby.

"Cap Martin" oil on Canvas, by Claude Monet. About 26x32" I think.

This one had me really choked up. Some of his early work I wouldn't give a second look, (a bit ugly to be honest), but he did so much work, really pushing and searching for a way through, and he found it. Shows you what a bulldog mentality can do for you.

So yeah, big day for me. And then I went painting with all that onboard. Pretty happy with the result considering I only had that light for 10 minutes before it went behind the mountain so I was painting from memory for most of it (Monet would smack my hand for that). Heard from the ranger that there were some other painters up there today, so they are here, but I haven't found any yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Back at the hotel again (GPS!!!) and having a wee dram to wind down. Must practice my speech again tonight. Ooh just had the heebies then and had to check the calendar - thankfully the conference doesn't start tomorrow morning. One more day. Phew!

Good night ya'll.



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Comment by debbie piro on April 12, 2012 at 23:20

Richard, how do you do it. awesome!!!! i know how i was when i first came to the city life to live, just as awe struck as you, but i would love to be there just to see your face, lol.:) wow what a wonderful experience...take it all in. please keep us in the picture, loving it.

Comment by Karlo Bonacic on April 12, 2012 at 21:41

Wow! Thanks Richard ! I like the paintings (Yours and Monets).

Comment by Annemieke Batorfi on April 12, 2012 at 18:03

How wonderfull that you share this with us. Looks like an awesome experience. Good luck with your speech.


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