"Rees Valley" 8x10" Oil on Canvas board



What can I say about a place like this? Words fail me. Magnificent comes close.


There were four of us painting on this cliff top plus two boys running around with plenty of snow for snow fights. Another great day.


I didn't feel the same freedom as with the previous day's painting  - I guess because this was a much trickier subject. Trying to squeeze this scene into a tiny 8x10" canvas bordered on blasphemy and as we were looking directly into the sun most of the time it made it very difficult to see the colors, so on the whole it was very challenging. It's the morning of the following day now and I'm writing this before we head out again to the same spot, but today we'll be going further up this valley and painting on the riverbed. Gotta go.





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Comment by Richard Robinson on July 19, 2011 at 21:48
Yes Daniel that's a normal problem. If you paint with your canvas in the sun your painting will usually look too dark indoors. If you paint with your canvas in the shadow it helps to make it brighter. You might find you'll need to push your colors a little brighter in order for them to look good under indoor lighting. It helps to have a value scale on your palette too so you can see more clearly your mixtures values. Good idea to have a hat with a brim too for cutting down on glare when painting into the sun and wear a dark colored top to reduce glare too. Enjoy!
Comment by Anna Stenier-Karadjova on July 19, 2011 at 0:47
Very nice place and wonderful light! ;-))


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