Clearing mist, top of the Crown Range.

Wow what an awesome day painting! Joined forces with Ben Ho and Mary Mai (2 great local artists) to paint above the clouds on the Crown Range - best day yet. So much better sharing it with someone else. We found this awesome spot with everything just in the right place - hardly had to change anything. I was half way through the painting wondering how could it get any better when a trail of blue smoke began wafting up from the chimney on the little farm house - NOW it's perfect! Didn't manage to quite finish before we had to go so I will post the finished painting tomorrow.

The block-in.

It was so cold my fingers went numb so I had to resort to painting with gloves on, which gives much the same effect as numb fingers but with less pain. On the way out we came across this beautiful old barn (below) so we jumped out and took some photos - another scene begging to be painted. Might be painting this tomorrow. Definitely made the right decision to stay another week. Yahoo!!!!

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Comment by Merv Appleton on June 3, 2010 at 16:14
I agree Peter it's a great idea, cant wait to see the next post
Comment by Richard Robinson on June 2, 2010 at 19:56
Good idea Peter - maybe better to use the photos from the next post - they're a bit more interesting.
Would be great to see everyone's different take on it. If anyone wants too just go ahead and post your results and let us know!


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