Hi All, I'm a bit behind in my blogging. I was intending to blog every day whilst on this painting adventure, but it's been such a great adventure I just haven't had time. So if you're interested here's an update…

DAY 1 - Farm by Mount Soho Station, Arrowtown

Here I am in Glenorchy in the South Island of New Zealand. I've flown 2000km down here to come and paint with some really great artists. Local painting legend John Crump and his wife Kay have generously welcomed me into their home where I feel like I've become part of the family over the past week.

DAY 2 - Young Beech trees on the road to the Routeburn Track

John's been painting for over 30 years and moved down here 3 years ago to live and paint amongst some of the most stunning mountainous scenery on the planet. We've been out painting together every day since I arrived and I feel like I've learned years of precious painting knowledge within that short time thanks to John's generous tutelage.

Paradise Valley

Another big reason for coming down here this time was to catch up with famous US painter Kevin MacPherson who's taking a workshop here for his TV show 'Passport & Palette'. I met him here 6 months ago and he offered to let us join in with the workshop fun when he returned, and we actually ended up doing a whole days filming together while his group was off doing other things. So the 8 of us drove up into 'Paradise Valley' and beyond where we came across a stunning spot amidst the snow capped mountains, had a picnic, set up and got to work trying to capture this awesome place on canvas. None of us really managed to do it justice, and I didn't quite finish mine, but we all had a great time bantering with each other and enjoying each others company in that amazing location.

DAY 3 - The Old Mill House on the road to Kinloch, Dart Valley

The next day I filmed John doing a demo painting of an old mountain shed with the intention of making a dvd from it. I'll let you know when that's available. If I can find the right spot in the next few days John will be my cameraman for a new Painting Adventure dvd, which would show you all what I've been learning out here from these great painters.

DAY 4 - Chinaman's Flat, Dart River Valley (unfinished) - can you see all the sandflies stuck to it?

Yesterday we went out tripping again with MacPherson's group and John and I ended up doing sort of a joint demo (well, we were both painting together while everyone watched and I was happy to let John do all the talking). Loved the group atmosphere there which was well facilitated by Kevin who is a really amiable guy. I find that painting in a group really ups your game with the underlying thought that 'everyone's watching so this better be a good one!' So I really focused intently and was pretty pleased with the little 10x8" painting which came out of it. (Kevin liked it too! :-) )

DAY 6 - Earnslaw Station

Up until yesterday I was using all John's painting gear and copying his methods in order to learn as much as possible while I'm here. For yesterday's painting I returned to my own easel, board, brushes and colour palette.

Kevin was talking about the idea of me taking workshops like his over here or in Italy etc. using the same travel and accommodation arrangements already organized for his workshops - sort of plugging me and my own students into his workshop template. The cost of the trip for an artist would be very roughly around about $6000 for a couple of weeks, including top notch accommodation and activities and tuition, but not including flights. Sounds good to me, so if anyone's interested in that just let me know - I'd need about 8 people to make it possible. Just putting the idea out there for you. I know it's pretty pricey though.

I'll try and blog again soon when I find a quite spot. I'm planning on hiring a campervan and traveling around for a while painting which should be interesting(but not for too long because I'm missing Helen and the kiddies already.)

Hope your painting's going well and I encourage you to get out into the great outdoors with some brushes - Nature is the greatest painting teacher you'll find.

All the best,


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Comment by debbie piro on February 27, 2012 at 23:57

Richard, being a country girl, i like the first one, the water always makes things look nice and relaxing. I also like the one with the truck, old yes but what great charm they have. we use to play in dad's old truck. Great memories for me they are....you've had such good fun and great painting. WOW what a life. keep up the good work.

Comment by Richard Robinson on December 13, 2010 at 9:05

Thanks Randy, yes I can feel a change, a subtle shift, more understanding.

Comment by Randy Fanger on December 13, 2010 at 7:17

I see the influence already.  The colors you are choosing are less contrasting on your trip.  Tones are closer, it feels a little more purposeful and considerate.  Like a deep place inside you found another sense of peace.

Comment by Anton Pavlenko on November 26, 2010 at 14:17
Hi Richard, thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Looks like you had lots of fun and I look forward to seeing the new paintings and materials that will result from these trips.

All the best!
Comment by aram b habit on November 22, 2010 at 0:24
Hi Richard,What a beautiful artistically journey you have don it is really awesome..
Comment by Carole Russell on November 11, 2010 at 6:26
Phew - you have been busy and some great work on here - will have to look up Johns work too


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