I have just got home from viewing Turner's art exhibition in the Adelaide Art Gallery here in South Australia.  WOW is all I can say. Some are very, very large while others are quite small. Some are in watercolour, pen & ink, oils etc. Some are very tiny details with the overall painting done in large colour area's. Richards is trying to get us to loosen up and this exhibition shows that. Turner's life started out much the same as any new artist although he was born with talent, he also did a lot of tight work showing every little detail. As time went on and he also learnt lots more, you can see more vast coloured background and only some detail to let you know small bits and pieces to understand what the painting was all about.  Turner went through Italy and while painted the great buildings the details not in the building itself but little things, people, bridges, parts of hillsides, or parts of grand buildings so you knew where the area was that he painted.

Turner's handling of watercolour is in great control, not washy and messy like some watercolours can be. You could be forgiven if you thought it were in oils. Many early works were in watercolour and the middle of his life and very much his later work was in oils. People and faces are not full on details but just enough for you to see what he wanted you to get. There is one painting of the roman ruler times when the roman soldiers had to kill all the new born babies, the devastation, sorrow, hurt and bodies could really come through and again only with enough detail that you knew the story.

If Turner's work comes to you neck of the woods I urge you to go and see it. Well worth the visit.

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