From the onsite painting sketch, then the studio study, now I'm designing the finished painting. I've been studying Monet's Water Lilly series at the same time as I have been building the next MasterClass lesson on colour and building 'The Ultimate Artist's Tool'. The new things I am learning from my studies are starting to come together in this painting.

First of all I am thinking about Monet's use of colour and value and then the golden ratio has come in to play from designing my artist's tool (more on that later). Out of curiosity I placed the golden rectangle over one of Monet's paintings and lo and behold, it looks like he knew a thing or two about it as well. Look at the positioning of the major horizontals and the brightest spot (big cloud). Pretty clever.

I'll do a small painting from my sketch next to get some things figured out before I get onto the big kahuna.

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