Hi, Everyone!  Winter begins & i need something to keep me busy & to find something to do with this artistic energy as my house is filling up with paintings!

So I've decided to work on composition & to post my efforts while blogging.  I appreciate any & all comments.  WALDA

The first photo I chose was taken in Fall & i was very attracted to the color. i think by moving a tree or two, I could use the CROSS FORMULLA & a rectangular frame of reference. See my efforts in "my photos"!

Day two-This photo was taken off the Kewana Peninsula in lake Superior. It has elements of the "L" formula especially if I move the light house more to the left. Maybe off-set that tree that sits in front of the light house too. Again I used the rectangular format. See "my photos". This is keeping me busy enough.Barbara Nuss who wrote an article in the ARTISTS magazine entitled "Borrow a Tree Move a Mountain" tells us that you can use as many formulas as you want . And the more the better. So as I go on here, i will try to combine these.

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Comment by Walda Juhl on December 10, 2014 at 14:24
I started working on several photos; however I have yet to figure out how to add them to my blog, so if anyone knows how please teach me!!


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