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At 14:40 on February 9, 2011, Maria S Cabrero said…
thank you for your friendship, its my pleasure =)
At 1:23am on November 24, 2010, Gail Runciman-Nicholls gave Jeffery Doherty a gift
At 22:52 on November 23, 2010, Gail Runciman-Nicholls said…
Hi Jeff,
Thanks again for looking at my work. As you can see, not all my sketches are totally worked up before I start the painting, but you can see where the idea is headed.
I have made an album - "From this to That", with a few more sketches and finished paintings.
Keep up the good work on your gum leaves. BTW, do you dry them first? Or fresh?
At 15:25 on November 23, 2010, Gail Runciman-Nicholls said…

Hi Jeff, Haven't figured out how to put pictures straight into an album, without going thru' My Pictures first. Thought I'd give you a sample of Journal to painting.

At 10:58 on November 23, 2010, Gail Runciman-Nicholls said…
Hi Jeff,
Re: studio works from studies. Yes I have Jeff. Perhaps I should make a separate Album and put them together. Maybe today's project! Thanks for asking. :-))
At 16:52 on November 17, 2010, Gail Runciman-Nicholls said…
Hi Jeff,
Sorry - I didn't see that you had also commented in "Rememberance Day".
Thank you for the comment - much appreciated. :-))
At 16:47 on November 17, 2010, Gail Runciman-Nicholls said…
Hi Jeffery,
Thank you so much for your comment on "Drinking outside the square". Amazing what being in a rut and pondering on how to get out of it, can cause the mind to think about when you keep telling yourself to - think outside the square! :-))
At 2:42 on November 9, 2010, Roena King said… This site is another NING so operates like this one. Scroll down. He has several blogs. Look for the painting landscape - something like Old Town Qubeck and then the ballerina. Really nice guy....goes by Paul. He also did the entire painting of the landscape in WC first! Sure willing to work hard for the tallented end result! Let me know what you think of all this. Ro OH, he is really good to give the WIP so you can see the steps taken.
At 3:51 on November 8, 2010, Roena King said…
Another thought. I did a plien aire (imagine that when I remembered I used to do plien aire in WC!) of a scene and I did not like it at all........had lots of green -- strange, I dont like green! A landscape artist that does not like green. he he.......anyway, because I hated the pic and was not proud of it, I almost did not put it in the show. It sold first! That was way back in the late 70's or early 80's so I dont remember anything about pricing but the point is put everything in a show that you have. My highest price painting that I ever sold was the Cowboy (just posted it not long ago) that the Bank in Iraan bought for $500 in 1978. Traveling the way we do and not wanting to bother with the "traveling art shows" I may never sell art. I keep thinking of how I might try something someday, but I am still only thinking slightly. Do you have any desire to paint similar to Delmus? I have another friend who has tried his method of Old Town Qubec - a landscape - and he is working on a dancer at the moment. If you are interested in seeing other subjects beside flowers and still lifes, I can send you a link. Pauls' work is the quality of the old masters. Let me know if you want the links. Ro
At 17:25 on November 7, 2010, Roena King said… I just found something for you.........scroll down and click on PRICING YOUR WORK. There is an article that might help you. The entire page is all about selling your work with lots of other articles to read. Delmus Phelps's site is stocked full of days and days worth of really good reading material even if you dont want to paint like a photo, he has many other good tips. He seems like a really nice person. Ro
At 5:40 on October 9, 2010, Roena King said… See if this will oppen up for you. What I was thinking is if you framed your leafs like this apple is done. In my mind I see a small, inexpensive black frame, with a piece of black or colored mat board, then the irrigular edged WC paper just layed and glued on top of the mat board. Then glue the leaf on top of the WC paper and add glass and frame it. The leaf would be protected, and the overall pic would be just a bit more painting like. ///// Just in case that will not open go to and search (look near the top on the left) for ARTIST. Search for Jacqueline Gnott. She has quite a few different fruit that is framed like this. They are very impressive I think. Ro ////// Thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed my gallery.
At 6:46 on September 26, 2010, Marilyn R Miller said…
I find the pice with the mermaid and kittens quite intriguing.... Tell me more, please. I am interested in the shape...
The shape of the bird painting too...
It occurs to me on looking closer that the mermaid, etc., may be paintied on feathers????
At 1:54 on September 26, 2010, Maylon Clarke said…
Hi Jeff, Thanks for that comment, you see what I see, I need to push those mountains back a lot more i think certainly one of the problems. Thanks
At 17:17 on September 17, 2010, Gail Runciman-Nicholls said…
Hi Jeff,
Firstly, Welcome to TCA!
Thank you for taking the time to view my gallery and leave a comment on "Brickwork".
Much appreciated. :-))
At 12:33 on September 14, 2010, Roena King said…
Hi Jeffery, just a quick welcome to the site! Ro


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