Do you think it's fine to paint from a nice photo that I found in Google or should I ask the photographer first for his consent?  what do you think?

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Tut.  I understand that there are lovely images on line however if you just STEAL them and use them then you are breaking COPYRIGHT LAWS.  As soon as something is created it is copyrighted, even if you do not see a copyright symbol.  That is just the way things work.  If  you contact the photographer, perhaps that person will agree to let you paint it, but at least be courteous enough to ask. There are several sites on line with images that are copyright free. and and you can search for "copyright free images".  I was just reading a article about a photographer in NZ who was suing because a company used his images for advertising without paying him.  The judge awarded the photographer something like $24,000 damages the company had to pay him.  Copyright infringement is serious. I once saw a image in a shop and took the photographer's name down.  I e-mailed her to ask permission to use one of the images I found on her site.  She thanked me for not just STEALING her work, but declined my request because she was entering these images in contest and did not want to see them all over the place.  I told her I completely understood because I am a photographer myself.  It is just that I did not have a photo of a eagle.  Hope this helps your understanding and you will spend time looking at the sites who do offer pic for free to paint from.  Roena  PS  Also has a photo gallery for free use. 

Hi Tut!!

If you are planning to sell your paintings, is good to ask the photographer... There is a site, called Paint my Photo,where photographers place their pics for artists to use without any problem!

I have never sold anything, but if I find a pic I like, I generally ask for permission. The fact is that I seldom get an answer!!!!

Hope this as helped!

Thanks for the clarifications, I wasn't sure about this , I'll try to look on those websites...

I just found a very good free pics site to use for Inspiration

Hey, Thanks Tut.  I looked at a few and they are truly HD.  I also use  You might check that one out.  Roena

Great thanks for that too

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