I have had an interest in graphic composition for many years now and I have written a small booklet that tries to explain the main requirements of good composition.

Sometime ago I put this onto the Internet so that anyone who wished might read it.

It's called "into composition" and you can find it here:

Into Composition

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the icon and you will be able to read it as a flipbook.

Let me know how you get on with it, and whether you find it useful or not.

John Rowland Kay

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Dear John,

I found your post about half an hour ago and quickly dived to the link you provided.  I found the icon easily but cannot for the life of me read your little book.  For some reason the print is too small and the more I zoom the size the more it stays the same.  However in desperation I zoomed to 500 and lost the work altogether.  I am deeply keen to read your suggestions on composition and so I ask, if you are able to show me how to read it easily I would very much appreciate it.  Even with my magnifier the words are too small to read without eye-strain.

Warmly and with thanks for the offer to read what may be something which makes a great difference to my art work.

Dear Robyne,

My apologies for not answering you sooner but I don't visit this forum as often as I did. I'm sorry you found my book too hard to read.

Here is a place where you may download the publication as a PDF, if you want you may print it out yourself from this file.

Let me know if you have got it OK by emailing me on john@millrind.co.uk. Sorry it's taken so long.

best wishes




Hi John!   Just happened upon yournpost, so went and read your booklet  Thank you so much for sharing!  Now I am off to search out more of your lovely watercolors!

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