Has anyone tried selling prints on Fine Art America? If so, what has been your experience with regards to the quality of COLOR ACCURACY and also, their materials? I like their pricing plan--no upfront costs! And they say you can put code into your Website to sell directly from it, or, if you prefer, to link back to their site, if you so choose.


Some people are inquiring about my paintings, and I am considering offering this as an option to make things affordable for folks and also to make more money off one painting.

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Hi! I have had several of my photographs sold through Fine Art America and the colors rendition seem to be accurate. I have ordered prints in the form of canvases, large posters prints, copper prints, acrylic prints, and various papers sizes and types. They all turned out just fine as long as the original images you have uploaded match your paintings or visions of your work.

Lisa Spencet

Hi.  I have been with them for over a year and am quite pleased.  I haven't ordered any prints myself, but I have never received any comments from buyers, so I presume they're good ones.  I really don't "work" my account there and still receive notifications of sales there on a pleasingly regular basis, especially considering the work I've put into the account.  One of these days, maybe I'll find the time to really work on my presence there . . .

In my opinion, it's a good investment of only around $30 a year.  


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