Hi, I'm Michelle from Perth, I thought I was subscribing to a blog or a newsletter and now I've joined this forum, what a surprise.  I'm looking forward to finding my way and seeing what goes on here. I've been painting for a couple of years and have recently decided to step things up a notch.

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Hi Michelle, are you in Perth, Australia? Linda .
Yes, where are you from?

Hi , I am from England UK!. my family should have moved to Perth in the 60s but my mother became ill and we could not go..Dad was looking at joining the Airforce. Anyway i have always have " a what if " moment when i see the word Perth. My daughter Fiona has friends that live there. I have been told it is a fantastic place to live!

I have just taken up Painting. I am glad I have as Norway can be quite "quiet" in the winter time. Lots of time indoors infront of log fires.

Welcome I live in Tasmania, and have just joined too, just see how it pans out, I feel art is such a solitary existence its nice to know there are others out there !

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