I don't have much experience communicating on web site. I hope the program will be user friendly. 

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Welcome Mei to the site.  The program is very user friendly actually.  Just click on all the tabs at the top and "see" what is there.  Mostly it is "My Page" and "Photos" that I think is most used.  On "Photos" you can see and comment on other peoples paintings and make comments yourself..  On My Page" you scroll down and can add YOUR paintings.  This is also where you can see your friends.  If  you see someone's art that you like, you can send them a friends request which when they accept will put them on YOUR friends list.......so you can find them again.  If someone sends you a friends request, just accept it and that builds your friends list up.  You can send ALL your friends a message at the same time by going to INBOX, compose, select friends on this network ...... that gets them all or you can pic which ones you want to send messages to. Typically when someone comments on your paintings, you go to THEIR PAGE by clicking on their name on the comment on your page and you thank them.  Roena King

Thank you for that information, Roena, because I get quite lost on the site even though I think it is a wonderful place to be.  Having it explained in simple language makes it all seem so easy.  I'm so glad that Mei posted the question.  <3 

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