"Can anyone tell me a good non-toxic solvent for oils? I use an odourless solvent but goodness knows what that's made of..." I notice Richard uses walnut oil as thinner - I'll try that but for cleaning brushes etc?

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Hi Annie! I have been using walnut oil (any type, not necessary M Graham) for thinner (M Graham only) and cleaning my brushes. I also use the M Graham Alkyd Walnut oil for thinner & it also allows the paint to dry faster. At the end of the week or after 2-3 days, I will then soak all my brushes overnight in a Turpenoid Natural (has citrus smell & not flammable) which will remove all paint left over on the brushes and then follow by soap and water. This has given me good results and no smell of mineral spirits or other solvents that are flammable. During a painting session, I use walnut oil or sometimes, safflower oil to clean my brushes. I have a 4.5 year old and do not want him exposed to any more chemicals than necessary in the air. By the way, I also use different types of oil paint with the oil and no bad effects. You do not have to use just M Graham oil paints for instance. Cheers!

Thanks Lisa - that's more or less what I do. Happy Painting. Annie

Mettez un peu de savon noir sur les poils du pinceau et éssuyez avec un chiffon sec, et relavez le à l'eau avec le même savon, ça donne un bon résultat.

Merci Brahim - oui - pour le nettoyage j'utilise toujours le savon pour le nettoyage final. Mais je ne connais pas le savon noir. Qu'est-ce que c'est? - Annie

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