I understand notan and was wondering if there was any use to doing a warm/cool hue type sketch? As a rule, I guess that the darks would be cool and the lights would be warm but I'm getting a sense that that may not always be true if you're looking at hue instead of value. Maybe I should consider the warm/cool hue balance and layout in the design. 

Now that I've said that, this is a photo of one of the paintings that I am planning and the warm colours are mainly in the dark and middle areas. The sky and water are warm blues but the focus of the picture is the warm trees.

I could make the  water and sky cooler and keep the land warmer overall. Maybe I should do some quick sketches to see what happens, but I wanted to know if that is a road that needs to be traveled.

Many thanks for any guidance that you can provide.

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I think I understand your train of thought on this, but myself, have no guidance. This comes at a time when I too am thinking about warm and cool in one of my future paintings (the next one actually). So I am most interested in the answers you get. I will not interrupt your discussion with my questions. LOL Hugs, Roena

Thanks Roena. I think your Evening Light is an excellent example where the background is cool and the front is warm. Please ask the questions! I can't answer them, but I surely would like to know the answers!

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