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Comment by Candi Hogan on March 6, 2017 at 2:28

Hi Gerald, your work is beautiful, and I think you have a distinct style, so would think your work would sell easily!  You haven't noted was size they were, but perhaps you could try an online site?  A friend of mine, who is a very successful artist, sells hers the same day they are posted (small works).  It's hard gettiing out there and recognzed... I KNOW!  I paint for the joy of it too, but supplies get pricey and I am running out of painting storage space, so it's nice to sell a few here and there!  I've found there are lots of helpful artists here, as you can see...and Ann is one of them!  Friend me, and if you want info on online sites I can tell you about a couple.  Nice to meet you here Thomas!

Comment by Ann Turner on March 5, 2017 at 18:44

What a nice note Gerald. Welcome to the Comlpete Artist. You can always respond in the comments under ther comment. Some people have privacy settings that keep you from emailing them directly. I think the artists will comment more when they  get to know you more. If you put " comments and suggestions are welcome " in the beginning of your post, people will be more inclined to comment. Most comments are positive with maybe a suggestion for improvement. Ask a direct question like, "Do you think my value plan is correct ?" I could use your help with this etc. Also ask to be friends with people that you see here, they will get a notice when you post. It is obvious that you love to paint, that it brings you joy !

Comment by gerald greenblatt on March 5, 2017 at 8:56

I must have missed the place where how this site works is explained.

I just jumped in and tried to swim.

When I open my email, I see comments from folks. Sometimes there is a link that allows me to respond. Sometimes there isn't.

So I am concerned that some people might feel ignored.

Thank you for your tactful way of letting me know how and how not to post photos of my work.

I guess I went overboard.

I live alone and I don't show my paintings to anyone apart from a few friends.

I don't sell them or exhibit them.

I just love to paint !  Sometimes I give paintings away or donate them to a store run by a local charity.

Folks here have been so encouraging!

May I ask you, do you think members are reluctant to make more in depth comments than that they like a painting?

Is there vigorous and supportive critiquing happening?  Perhaps I haven't found the place on the site where that goes on.

Again, I am very grateful that you bothered to set me straight about posting too much at once.

I've looked at some of your paintings,too. You might have noticed that I don't show landscapes. I find them to be very challenging. So you can understand how much I appreciate what you've done !


Comment by Ann Turner on March 5, 2017 at 8:07

Thomas you have an amazing talent with the ability to paint a large variety of styles. I am impressed with many of your paintings. Are you trying many styles to find your own ? It is a bit overwhelming to post so many paintings at once. We get fatigued when there are more than 1or 2 posted together. You will get more "likes" and commens if you just post a few, see blog post reguarding this problem. Beautiful paintings, keep being happy painting !


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