8 X 16", oil on canvas board

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Comment by Delores Rhodes on December 25, 2011 at 19:48

Hi all. The color of the photo is better with this one. I had the worst time trying to get this painting correct. First I painted it too gray, painted it out and repainted it, but it was too green. Finally, I managed a warmer color, but not really satisfied. Now, it needs more variety of colors...oh well.

I had to paint out the tree once to fade back the headland some more. I tried Richard's trick of getting the color you want and then fade it out with the sky color, but it kept going turquoise. I think I must have dunked into the water color rather then the sky color, cuz yuck! Now, looking at the headland, all I see is that it is going up on the right. The water isn't flat! (Groan)

The twisting shadow isn't working either, but I'm not sure what to do about it AND there needs more contrast between the shadows and highlights.

Over all, with all the frustration, I never really got around to working on the 'movement' part of the assignment. 


On the other hand, I finished a painting this month! Yes! :-)

I welcome all comments.


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