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A great plein air day

Today is the day. Spring is here and my Rhino is full of gas. I have been experimenting with a new plein air pallet this winter and anxious to give it a go.  

My three primaries are Ultramarine Blue, Brown Madder and Cad Yellow Light. I have 2 kicker colors in the kit of Thalo Green and Vermilion Light.

 The reason I choose these colors is everything in my immediate environment is forest and the town architecture is predominantly old wood and rusty tin roofs. Pretty mid to dark…


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Exciting day

We have A world class event finishing here today in tiny Idaho City, 3 Id women cyclist are trying out for London Olympics in the Exergy Tour 3rd leg. Should be exciting to watch as they come around the corner in front of my Art  Gallery It is raining hard and the street is wet so hope no one goes down as they execute the turn off the highway. These gals may be tiny but they are tough. 

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How I mix my greens for evergreen trees

I am occasionally asked, and I have asked, from other forums and blogs how to paint greens.

This is how I  paint my evergreen trees. That is about all I have to paint in plein air within a 50 plus mile radius of my home base. So I have painted a few.

Well here is my family secret formula and why it works.

The base color is just Ultramarine Blue and Grumbacher Raw Sienna. Since UB is a reddish blue and RS is a reddish yellow there is enough red in the mix to gray the…


Added by Jim Moyer on May 21, 2012 at 1:01 — 2 Comments

The Doofus

Here is a link to video of a small caricature sculpture I completed recently. I hope he makes you smile!

Added by Caleb Mowery on May 18, 2012 at 3:00 — 1 Comment

Learning from Monet

"Sunrise, Grand Canyon" 24x30" Oil on Canvas by Richard Robinson

Hi guys, been slogging away on this one for 2 weeks now - not my usual method. I prefer to get a painting done in one session if possible but I really wanted to push myself on this one. I got done with the first blockin of all the major colours and felt that there was a huge problem with…


Added by Richard Robinson on May 17, 2012 at 13:30 — 38 Comments

"Five Fig Newton" Setup

I figured I would share with you my little cookie setup. I decided to go with a simple setup for this picture. My materials included: 5 Fig Newtons, a black bed sheet (used for product photography and other opportunities like this), and a cardboard box.


This picture is the second in a series of cookie paintings.


Five Fig Newtons



Added by Caleb Mowery on May 6, 2012 at 10:54 — 4 Comments

A plein air adventure

Woke up to a beautiful spring day and an early breakfast yesterday. So I loaded up my Rhino with paint gear, an over kill for sure. Packed bags like a woman going for a half day trip. No offense ladies but you need to know my significant other to understand.

The advantage of living in the mountains having 5000 miles of roads and trails surrounding  a town smaller than a shopping mall is there is no need to trailer your off road vehicles.

So my adventure began. I took trails…


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