It's what I've been asking myself for over a year now working on this Mastering Color course. Well I feel like it's all coming together in the latest chapter I've just finished - Chapter 5 "Mixing Color". I'm always a bit nervous when I release a new lesson - never sure if it's going to be 'good enough'. I haven't had any negative comments about any of my lessons yet so I guess I should feel pretty secure in that, but a part of me still suspects that there are a bunch of people out there who were disappointed in some way and are just not saying anything. If you're reading this and you've taken some of my lessons please do let me know if I can do anything better - it's a sure way to help the lessons improve.

There have been the occasional problems with purchasing and downloading which is always very annoying - it's either the internet causing problems or some little bug in the system. We always get there in the end but as these lessons get more popular I've been able to invest more money into better purchase and delivery systems and I'm about to do another big upgrade to a 'one system does all' thing which will hopefully iron out any little wrinkles for good. I imagine it will take about a week to implement, so please bare with me if there are any glitches over the next couple of weeks. I've just had 1000 dvds produced last week and that's going to save me from making them all myself. Phew! Good idea to outsource stuff you don't want to do me thinks - that way I'll actually have time to get outside and paint!

Well, it's time to go play with the kiddies. I hope you're having a great Christmas wherever you are.

All the best,

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