Hi.  I am Norma Clark, a recently retired college professor.  One of my goals upon retiring was to learn to draw and paint.  I have been at it via video lessons and workshop for about one year now.  I have joined the Workshop41 and hope to learn from others and from Richard.  I will appreciate any helpful suggestions anyone has for improving my painting.  I have much to learn! Norma

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Hi Norma

Just now found your introduction!  Very glad to meet you and I want to warmly welcome you! I wish you lots of Happy Painting!  You will never stop learning Norma, just enjoy every minute of it and you will get better and better.  It takes a lot of brush miles.  Smiles to you ;-)

Hi Norma!  I am also new to The Complete Artist,and need to put up my introduction too!  I think we are both going to learn a lot from Richard's workshops, and the videos and tips he shares!  I've found this to be a great community of artists, with lots of really talented people who are willing to share!  Have gotten some great constructive criticism here!  Look forward to working with you on the next workshops!

My suggestion is, paint, paint, paint!  I hadn't painted for years, but was talked into doing a "Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days" Challenge, and that really got me going.   Finding that the more I paint, I am getting better able to see what is wrong with my work, and "starting" to figure out how to improve it.  What I can't figure out, other's are pointing out to me on this site!!!

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