"A Quiet Spot" 7x12" Oil on Canvas by Richard Robinson

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Had a school trip to the beach today and I decided to bring my paints along this time and captured one of the other parents reading a book there. Normally when you start painting people they tend to move but thankfully it must have been a really good book because I had time to paint her first before I worked the scene around her. It was neat seeing the kids reaction to me painting. I heard one little boy ask his teacher, 'is he painting because he's bored?' which made me laugh. Beautiful day. Spot the rule of thirds.

Still painting with these Holbein Duo Aqua water mixable oils. They do lift off the canvas a little more than regular oils, but over all I would say they are 90% of the way there - I'm impressed.

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Comment by Susanne Absolon on January 5, 2013 at 17:51

Hi Richard, now I am in the community and can give you a feedback on this painting I discovered first on a search for RR at google pictures. Immediately my eyes were pulled inside. Concerning color you did something new here with  painting a real green into. The difference between the shadow and the light grass plane is perfect. I would say I fell in love with this painting. Everything is so delicate and in the right place. Not one stroke too much or too less. Beautiful, Richard!


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