"A Warm Spot" 11x14" Oil on Canvas by Richard Robinson

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Loved this little spot. My painting buddy and host Natalie Tate tried her first plein air painting here quite successfully on a big canvas, but being her first time and also the large canvas it gave me about an hour of spare time after I'd finished my painting which I put to good use wrapping myself lizard like around a huge warm boulder, warming myself up in the sun - absolute bliss after painting in the cool shadows!

"Oceans Outlook" 12x13" Oil on Canvas by Richard Robinson

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I took this one as a tester to see how I might approach the California Coast in April when I'll be joining 700 other plein air painters at The Second Annual Plein Air Convention and Expo in Carmel. I won't be the opening speaker this year but I will be demo-ing in the field with my good friend John Crump. Really looking forward to that.

"McCleod's Bay" 9x24" Oil on Canvas by Richard Robinson

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This was the final painting from my 2 day adventure with Natalie. You'll see that in all 3 paintings I have been exploring the possibilities of light vs shade, where I will bring attention to a spotlit area by throwing the area in front or behind it into shadow. Once again I found myself being really freed up by the intense consecutive painting sessions. Practice as they say makes perfect, or even better, 'practice makes permanent but perfect practice makes perfect'.

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Comment by Sharon Casavant on February 26, 2013 at 3:17

Just Love your newest paintings!  McCleods Bay, Ocean's Outlook, and A Warm Spot!  You are very fortunate to live in a beautiful place and travel to beautiful places!  These paintings are very realistic!  Glory to God for creating these places for us to try to imitate!


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