Hello, my name is Kevin, I am an architect and I just recently became a member.  I joined VAA not long ago and was trying to find consistent time to work on the courses.  It was recommended to check out this site and wow!  Great site and I figured why not jump in and throw this into the learning mix as well.  I think this will be a great site that compliments the VAA coursework well.  Although I am basically 5-6 months into learning how to oil paint, I finally just started putting in some real effort over the last 6 weeks or so.  My favorite activity is to paint en plein air.  I just cannot seem to get enough of it even though I should be focused on just doing the VAA coursework.  My stuff is always in my vehicle ready to jump out over lunch or on the way to/ back from a meeting where I can get even a little bit of painting in.  My goal is to complete at least 2 paintings a week this year (this includes anything such as VAA work,  sketches, studies, plein air, etc) and then assess how far to go with things at the end of this year.  If the drive and passion are still there like it is at this moment....who knows.  For now, I just want to keep enjoying this ride.

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Hi Kevin --  Welcome!   I just recently started with CA, this is my third workshop.  I'm learning a lot from Richards demo's and from the other artists on this site.  I think I am going to start the VAA after my grandson's visit .  So many of the really good artists on this site seem to be involved with it.    I'm encouraged to hear how much you like the plein air painting!  I just received my plein air easel, that I ordered online, and plan to start going out (again, after the grandsons leave).

What type of architecture do you specialize in?  Love architecture, and really like the southwest style architecture here in New Mexico.  You already have a head start in creativity!

Keep to your goal, I hadn't painted in years but got involved in a "30 Paintings in 30 Days" challenge the beginning of the year...that's all it took!  Then I found this great site!    Look forward to seeing more of your work!!!

Hello Candi !

Yes, workshop 43 is my first effort at one of Richard's workshops.  I have purchased and watched some of the earlier pre-recorded workshops but have not completed any of those yet.  I did not realise he offers this monthly version until just before May and I thought...why not so I jumped in.

Yes, I encourage you to join VAA.  I am only in workshop B but have learned a lot already.  There are some very open and good people over there that make the course enjoyable in the discussions.  VAA focuses on all of the fundamentals in good detail and you can move forward as fast as you would like or even jump around.  Since I keep trying to get out an learn plein air ( I am so addicted to this) I have stunted my forward progress in VAA.

If you join, let me know and I will be looking forward to seeing your work and having some interactions there as well.

Hello Kevin! 

Welcome to the site!!!This is an incredible good site, with lots of teaching and learning going around here. Most of what I have learnt is due to this site and all of its members. I'm around since Workshop 19... and still recommend it!!! Someday I'll get to VAA.... I don't have the time now.... but I really enjoy the Workshops and the community.

See you around!


Hello Silvana,

Wow, since workshop 19!!  I can only hope I am able to complete that many!

Lol! It's not that much...just one painting per month... and in one way or another some knowledge and learning seeps in... if you continue painting 2 a week, you'd get to that just in 3 months!!!!

Yes, I guess it all starts with one. My goal for my first year of painting is 120 which seems daunting. However, I was told by an experienced painter teaching a workshop that good improvent is not really seen until 120 "bad" paintings. At the rate im going, my "year" will be 16 months.

Hello Kevin,  Greeting from warm Florida.  I live near the coast and we have many areas to chose from to paint.  Wildlife is abundant and our area is pristine with a view directly to the Gulf.  I have been painting longer than I can remember, and off and on while working as an educator I have spent my time painting. 

My medium of choice has always been watercolor because of the wet watery look that I can manipulate into very fine details.  Landscapes, and portraits have been my focus of subjects especially pet portraits. I have been successful at selling my artwork in Saint Augustine, Florida. 

My passion is to pass on what I have learned to young artists seeking guidance with learning more about the field of art.  Art has always been there to helped me in whatever career that I was currently in position.

I watched a few of Richard Robinson's videos and was captivated by the loose strokes and the movements he was creating so I have bought them and have viewed them many times.  I'm seeking help to create more interesting paintings that draw my viewers in to take a look and enjoy the moment. SharonBrayFineArt.com

Very nice idea having the discussions with other artists.  Thank You


Hello Sharon!!

It seems like you have a nice thing going down there in Florida!  I was looking at your website and I can see you have been painting for some time by the quality of your work.  I have been learning to paint in oils over the last 6 months or so.  I played around with watercolor previously but not very much or seriously.  I would like to go back to it at some point but for now, I have this real thing going for going out and learning to do oil plein air.

I am appreciative of the fact you are so willing to share what you have learned regarding painting.  I have found that in general, many experienced artists have been like that to a certain degree which is always great.

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