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Article: John Singer Sargent


Article: Joaquín Sorolla

Copyright-free Photos from this site.

Photos on this site you can probably use to paint from without copyright concerns.

(Please note some members may have their photos in this album without meaning to, so if you are going to paint from their photo with the intention of selling the painting then it would be wise to ask them first if that's ok with them. If you would like to add any of your own photos to the album for other members to paint from then just add the tag 'resource' to your photo when you upload the photo. Please don't add any photos that you don't own the copyright to. Thanks.) Free Photos

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Please note that I am affiliated with, so if you do purchase anything from them through this web page I will receive 10% of that sale. It all helps to keep this website going and keeps me making more lessons for you. :-)




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