A person I know from the complete artist contacted me on facebook. She said there is good news, she won 100'000 $ in an online lottery and that according to some listing I won something too. She doesn't know how much but she would make the connection. Shortly after I received messages from a person on facebook, saying: "Congratulations Thomas Ruckstuhl, you are among the winners from the compensation Government helping the community for Private Grant Foundations 2015 in collaboration with IBC imperial invest company."
I won 100'000 $ which would be send in cash if i pay a fee of 630€....
I know this sounds like very obvious scamming and i am not a person that is easily attracted by those kind of offers. But because this person posts her paintings here, I was tempted to trust her for a while... Untill I heard of the fee...
Thought I'd better let you know.

Thomas Ruckstuhl

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Good to know.... thx!

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