My mission is to capture to the best of my ability, God's beautiful world with the gift He gave me of being an artist. I want to bring "life" and "light" to my work so others will be captivated by God's creation all around us. Painting brings me so much joy, I must be painting on a daily basis! 

Currently, I have been working towards painting more outdoors. Started with a new group here in Fresno, California. Most of the time, I am in my studio learning everyday by painting everyday in hopes of achieving and mastering the art of "alla prima". I used to paint more realism but have decided I like the bold brush strokes and loose style of the wet on wet technique.

As a professional graphic designer, I made my living on the computer for 28 years designing print and web media. Today, I am working mostly as a fine artist but still build websites and business cards, printed materials if someone seeks me out. I do not market actively but if you need my services, I am still available. But I really want to paint more than anything else now!

Jeri McDonald

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