Hi guys and gals. I've been a member for a short while however purchased Richard's Mastering Color and Northland Summer, some time ago. I have been away from painting for some time with responsibilities that just seemed to squash my creative freedom. Just signed up for Workshop 24 and hoping to once and for all, beat back the "white canvas" syndrome.  I am living in Arizona and in the process of selling my house. Will be living in CA again, to be close to kids and grand children. Looking forward to meeting some of you online, and being fired-up again to paint via Richards really wonderful teaching techniques and all the fabulous goodies he has made available to all of us. If you will encourage me, I would be most happy to encourage you on this creative journey we are all on.

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Hi Carolyn. Welcome to the community. I too have recently returned to painting. It's wonderful to get back into it, and you'll find a warm and supportive group here. Great people, friendly and helpful. Get involved, ask questions, comment on peoples work and have fun. I look forward to seeing your paintings. 

7:13 a.m. Good morning from Prescott, AZ Michael. Thank you so much for taking the time to welcome me to the community. Looking forward to the challenge coming up (are you doing the workshop?) and interacting with this group. I've been pretty limited in my social contacts for several years so this too, will be my personal challenge. Time to quit planning/hoping for a better tomorrow and live well today. Appreciate your encouragement and as I get to know my way around the website, I will be adding to the fray. Congratulations on the return to painting...I've "returned" several times, now I just need to create some art as you are!  ;*)

Hi Carolyn. Yes, I am doing the workshop. It's the first I'm doing, so I'm looking forward to it. It looks interesting and challenging at the same time.

Hi Carolyn Thank you for the invite! Sorry it took so long to reply, the Holidays have been rather busy.
 I was lucky to get several of Richard Robinson's downloads for Christmas! I was so excited, I enjoy all of his newsletters in my email box, He really spoils us, but the free videos have hooked me and now I own several! Great marketing on his part!
  I'm going to try and find your paintings. I haven't posted any here yet. I'm in the process of changing my style to a more impressionistic look. in years past I was hooked on photo realism.
  About this time last year I took up painting again after about 5 years of not touching a paintbrush. I'm struggling to find my style and my voice in art. Thankfully for all of the talented artists who are sharing via the internet, I'm learning at a much faster rate than I could on my own. I've been self taught for the most part, and have been painting off and on for 30 years now. eeek I think I should have found my style and voice by now..LMAO I am going through a mid life crisis in art I guess LMAO. Anyway, I have rambled on long enough. nice to meet you!

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