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So nice to find this  program. I'm Barbara Sawyer    I live  near Culver, Oregon  USA   it is in  Central Oregon the heart of  recreation and beautiful scenery . From my home we see 7 snow capped Volcanoes  Making up part of the Cascade Range  of  Mountains  ...   I have not painted in over 35 years I'm 73, Sept 9th and  now  have the time  to paint  . .  I am self  taught and have found a few helpful  web pages to get me  started  painting once again. My favorite  media  is oils and feel of the flow of the paint.   This is one of them  with Richard Robison's art. Some times it is hard to stop painting to fix dinner for my husband of 55 years. but he loves  what  I do  so that makes it more enjoyable

I have  taught graphic digital   photography and computer science  for several years   to Seniors in the winter while being a snow bird   in the SW .  This winter  I had the time to pick up a paint brush and  started  painting   just things that were in my  idea bank. I mostly  paint from memory and some times  from photos   as with the  class  picture  I just finished .   I forgot  what joy it brings to create from  the heart.   Im looking forward to meeting more artists on line ...  I live in a quiet  are and makes it hard to join any art groups or  galleries.  


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Hi Barbara, I am now living in Norway and as you can imagine I live near mountains and snow! I am hoping to meet people on line such as yourself with the same interests. I had my 63rd Birthday last month. I also live in a quiet area and thats why I decided to join an online Artist group.  I am not confident of how to learn online but here goes!!! Can you tell me how you approach the lessons; I would be very grateful. Linda

Hi Barbara, I was just off to bed..quite late for me! when i saw your message. Lovely to hear from you and from sooo far away!

I am on FB so that would be easy to follow. I My full name is Linda Rae. But unlike you I am not an expert at computing. My link is Linda Rae, England  UK. lfranrae@gmail.com. I have lived in the UK and France, Norway will be a challenge as I am not used to being  a snow bird,but I am going to make the best of it! Look forward to hearing from you . 12 volcanic mountains sounds wonderful!!!Hope to speak again soon; Good night.

Hi Barbara, Thankyou for the information; I will certainly act apon it.

Norway is as you say a spectacular place and I am hoping that maybe I could at some point put some pictures on the site of where I live. I am fascinated by the country that you live in. My grandfather loved the stories about your state.

I am busy unpacking and finding a home for everything at the moment, so my art work will be on hold for a couple of weeks but I am managing to do some drawing.

Are you doing this month challenge with Richard? I am not sure yet as to how this online course works .

Anyway enough about me , Have good day, Linda
Great thank you,look forward to that. Linda
Love the pictures!!!this Internet stuff is such s boost to my life! thank you. I have been talking to my friends about the fact that I know a lady in Oregon USA . When I get a moment I will try to find the FB link. I am up for breakfast now.Linda
Is there a group link for Facebook?

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