My name is Jocelyn (Josh) Arsenault from Quebec Canda and I am retired. I was drawing when I was a kid but realy started when I was 45 and 5 years later took a big break. I started back in 2011 and discovered recently Richard Lessons and from that moment I was really enjoying my new painting lessons and Richard philosophy and way of teaching.

I spend most of my time in my wheelchair because I lost a leg many years ago but I can walk a little with a prothese and I still ride my motorcycle.and I want to have fun doing the things I like. I have tried water color but it is not for me. I do acrylic from time to time but as I am like a child I like to play in and with my colors so oil is my prefered medium.

I like to paint still life but I never do enough trying all subjects but I will probably learn...(-_-)

You can see a picture of me in 1968 with one of my motorcycle, then my motorcycle in 2013 and me on my motorcycle in 2012


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Thank you for introducing me to this website.  I know that you are pleased with what you have been learning here, so I look forward to learning more, too.



You are very welcome MaryAnne and with all the peoples at Richard Robinson "The Complete Artist" group you will find answer to your questions and also improve what you are already doing. Look at all the workshop and all those dedicated friends who are a helping hand for us all. Richard send us regular lessons and tips to improve.

I am pleased to know that you are in the group now.


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