I have a cluttered small art studio and I want to do something.  How have you set up your room so there is a place for everything?  Do you have cabinets?

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Ah, that was easy, thank you.  This is my painting area  the pile of books had not yet been put away   Also you can see one of the filing cabinets which also holds my DVD player

This shows the planning area and the drawer cabinet  Again we were just organizing the room and items on the items on the desk were hung or put away.  

This shows the other filing cabinet,  bookshelf, floor easel and some of the wall shelves 

And this final photo shows the closet where i store my boards, canvases, plein air supplies, and more books.  So you can see that even though the room is not very big, we were able to organize it quite well and iI don't feel cramped.  In the photo with the window, you will see a small narrow shelf just under the window and I now have a small wireless speaker there so I can play music off my iphone.  My husband was very instrumental in helping with this.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

All the white furniture and shelves came from IKEA.  

Wow! You are all very proffesional! I have two easels... but use none. Actually I use them for placing my paintings until they dry. I paint on a small table in our living room while the rest of the family watches TV! I'll try to upload a pic... I suppose that is oneofthe easons o why I paint small. The other one, is that it seldom takes me more than two days to inish a painting. I have started a big one in March and there it is....never touched it again!!

This is really interesting to see where we all do our creative paintings.  I know where everything is but it is moving everything around to get to it.  I had a cabinet maker give me a quote and it was way too much so I'm on my way to IKEA to see what they can do for me.  I want an L shape so I can have two working stations plus room for easel while working on larger oil painting.  

Things in your photos have given me some ideas.  I like the shelf idea to put paintings on.  I think I will also put paintings on top of the wall cabinets. I'm trying to declutter so I have clean spaces to work.  I get distracted when too much stuff is everywhere. Laurena, I like that cabinet with drawers.  Is the other one a file cabinet?.  Thank you so much for your ideas.


I found the greatest ever cart for my watercolor paper.  It is a cart from Jerry's Artorama and the shelves are exact the perfect

size for the large sheets and the cart is on rollers so I can move it in and out of the closet.  It just fits the standard closet depth.  You can see it in one of the images I just now posted.  I bought it when the had their 30% off sale and I wish I had it years ago.  I put cold press 300b on one shelf and the other papers on the other shelves.  The lighter weight carts will not hold the heavy stack and they don't fit.  It also has a cut out so you can reach to the bottom of the stack.  

Candi Hogan said:

I'd like to get the drawers for my watercolor paper and matted paintings.  These are a good size, where did you get them Laurena?

I really like your shelves!  I just told my husband, last week, that we should do that so I don't have paintings sitting all over...putting him to work!

Laurena Beirnes said:

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