I have bought several of Richards brilliant videos, the trouble is I can never find them.I can get as far as the list of those I have bought.....

All I see is a lovely list.....and that's it...there are no instructions as to how to retrieve these

Don't think I'll be buying any more.

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Hello Yvonne,

On this website you will find your page.  From there you can locate your purchases.  Whatever you don't double click on anything that you may have downloaded or it will be erased from your email.  Under the purchases you should find your dvd's.  You should have clicked on it to download it.  You can also go to your downloads on your computer and you should find them there, if not they didn't download. Richard is most gracious about attending to his artist friends so email his website and he will look into your purchase.  He was so nice when I inadvertently put down the wrong zip code and he allowed me to download it.

Depending on where you live, the download might have been interrupted.  I have enjoyed and learned so much from Richard's DVD's so don't be discouraged by not benefiting from his talents.

I hope this helps you1

Best Sharon

I've just joined and bought to view my first workshop online. I am having difficulty finding it.

The simple thing is to copy the address to a Notepad, or Word doc and save it on your computer,

so it will be much easier to find it later.


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