36"x48", oil on canvas
This just turned out Way too RED. Oh well.

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Comment by Patricia Genever on May 25, 2012 at 19:02

Seriously Jacob that was NOT the confusing bit at all....:))

You mentioned in your long email that it was painted from paintings, so I imagined you had done smaller ones and combined them... I got that... 

Comment by Patricia Genever on May 25, 2012 at 18:58

Gosh Jacob what an absolutely fabulous idea.  WOW!! so you painted this plein air too.  I am very impressed you came up with this amazing idea of turning the canvas around and just painting what you saw.  The design is fabulous to say the least!! 

I use the metric system so I had to physically get out a tape measure and see how long 36' was in meters.  I got up to 5' and I started wandering how on earth did you actually paint this.  I then started to question if this was even possible at a Plein Air Convention.

When I came back to the computer I looked at the size underneath your painting and then it made more sense.  LOL.... Jacob there is no doubt in my mind that you will never ever feel intimidated about finishing your painting.. That thought no longer can exist in your head....  LOL....  You are so hilarious. 

Comment by Jacob Tarazoff on May 25, 2012 at 17:37

Patricia, I realize that may have been confusing...I painted this peice in the studio, from plein air paintings I did at the festival.  

Comment by Jacob Tarazoff on May 25, 2012 at 17:35

Thanks for the critique Patricia, really appreciate your insight and attention.  This was painted from the plein air paintings I did at last years Moab Plein Air festival.  I just turned the canvas as I painted each arch. I wanted to viewer to feel as surrounded by surrealist landscape as I do everytime Im in Arches Natl. Park.  Im pretty happy with the design but I may go back and work on that 'big red shape' you pointed out, it really bugs me.  It is kind of intimidating to go back and rework because the image is so big 36'x48"....just being lazy really.

Sharon, thank you. Its actually myself and another image of myself infront of me(in the image) meant to be a kind of reflection, in order to speak to the idea that when you are taking photos of something, as people do obsessively especially in Natl. Parks, you are getting in the way of your own experience with the subject.  I want to put about 10 more people with their reflections in this one eventually. Sorry!

Comment by Sharon Casavant on May 25, 2012 at 2:02

Love your imagination and bright colors!  But would like it better if it were just the arch and boy, sorry!

Comment by Patricia Genever on May 24, 2012 at 19:37

Jacob, I love this design..  The shapes are so very interesting.  I am turning my head upside down to see how you came up with this idea.  Still not absolutely sure.  However, my guess is that you took various pictures from different angles and then combined them??

From a distance your painting isn't too red.  But on closer observation the red diagonal piece on the bottom right hand side could be a different value or maybe another colour. 

Having said that I am going to explore some other angles to make sure I have identified the problem. 

Let's consider for a moment that the problem may be in the designing stages. If the problem arose in the beginning stages, maybe it occurred  when you decided how to put all your pictures together.  I really like the top hand left hand shape.  The thin piece contrasts with the main focal point of the thicker and darker arch.  So that's good. 

So maybe the problem came in when you were actually merging two photo's, and working directly from 2 photo's.  If this is the case  it is easy to do a rough colour sketch on paper before you start painting.

If that wasn't the problem lets start by moving some shapes around.  You could move the lower orange and green tree arch on the bottom left hand side over to the right hand stage to balance out the colors.  Then move that very red diagonal chair like rock over in it's place.  

MMmmm.... having said that I think you will lose the focal point which is on the left hand side.  So maybe it really is all about the right hand diagonal shape. 

Phew this is a difficult one.  It feels like I am playing chess here and losing the game!!  Well I think I have identified the offending piece for you. 

An idea just came to me. A very simple idea in fact.  You could just change the color on the right hand side where the chair like shape meets the main red shape.  Just throw in some shadows,, the same greeny brown that you have used in the shape next to the chair shape.  Then it will break this very long stretch of red colour.

If you are working in oils then that's easily done right!   What do you think?? 

I still think that this is an exceptional piece and very well thought out...  Well done!!


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