12x12 Oil on Canvas I had problems with a wonky boat so I took it out and played up the color and texture of the water. I had a great time with the water and don't like painting boats ( get motion sickness ) LOL

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Comment by Ann Turner on March 7, 2015 at 12:19

Thank you for your "likes" my friends. I appreciate your support its fun to have other artists to comment and help each other ! 

Comment by Ningning Li on March 7, 2015 at 7:48

Ann, Thank you so much. Now, I know your idea. You made the colours echo. That is why your paintings are so harmonized in terms of colour. I have to keep it in mind. You did not talk about the water. They are so skillfully painted, Just beautiful.

Comment by Ann Turner on March 7, 2015 at 7:01

Hi Ningning thank you for taking the time to comment on my painting. I appreciate your knowledge and friendship. I will try to explain why I used the values that I did on the mountain and large building. My plan might not have worked but this is what I tried. The greens in the hill are the same green that are in the forward water. The hill is green with bluish light patterns and the water is bluish with a little green. This way the painting is hopefully cohesive  with shape and color. I liked the way that the village sits just on the edge of the steep mountain so I can reflect the color of the water. The dark building is a dark negative shape to set off the bright light on the other buildings. I wanted the eye of the viewer to follow the light back into the painting and not come forward to another bright building that is in shadow. Also the large shape of the dark red balances the large dark shape of the grey pier building on the left. The dark pier building also is a nice calm backdrop for all that bright water space. Well thats what I tried to do. I invite other artists to add their comments, I think discussion of varied points of view is great. I will try hard to get the current one finished on time. But I am a bit of a messer and fixer !

Comment by Ningning Li on March 6, 2015 at 16:52

Änn, I love your simplified composition. It makes it a very peaceful and relaxed scene.

The drawings are well controlled which made everything  in a propriate portion.

The overall colour is highly harmonized as you always hadled it very well.

I like the value of the  left and middle part of the buildings. The redish one at the right side in the shadow to me, can be a bit lighter  because of the distance.

I see in the photo the hills are dark green.Your interpretation are very acurate and honest. but if you want to be exaggerate and dramatical, you do not have to, just in case it is comfortable to you,  by lightening and bluish them , it will stretching the  distance of the background and extent the differences of the value as Richard did. You are such a peaceful lady, it might not meet you tast. Forget it.

Your Waters are so beautifully painted. I enjoy their movement very much. And the colours are so rich and changes very naturally layers by layers. To me , their are excellent painted.

Ann, I am so happy that I am not the No.1 counted from the end. You are backing up me. Lol. I know that you must overcomed all the difficulties to finish it and happy to see that your effort is not in ven. A beautiful work!! Hope that I can see you for the next workshop.  


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