Hi All. I just released this new dvd yesterday and the response has been fantastic! Thanks everyone who has rushed in and bought a copy from the website - it's really great to have you enjoying this new direction I've taken. After the successful launch of the Mastering Color course a few months back I decided to treat myself to a fancier camera and a better computer (macbook pro!) which together have made all this video production stuff SO much more enjoyable. (Let me take a moment to kick my glitchy old PC..... ahhh, that's better.)

My plan at the moment is to make a few of these dvds every year (as well as lots of the little free ones) and to travel a lot more and paint with other artists. I also had the idea of possibly filming my outings with these great painters as a record for myself, but also as inspiring new stuff for you guys, so hopefully more of that will start to happen soon (just takes some planning).

In case you missed it, here's the page for the new dvd (with a free 35min video too):

Thanks again everyone!

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Comment by Richard Robinson on October 12, 2010 at 8:27
Thanks Bob, glad you liked it.


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