Amazing closeups of the world's best realist paintings past and present:


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Hi Richard: Just went to the site -amazing! I found the original Bourgereau painting ("Meditation") that I did during a painting class "Painting the Masters". Found the style very tedious to do, but the result is gorgeous and I learned a lot.

Here is his original:

William Adolphe Bouguereau (William Bouguereau)

And here is my painting: 

I just realized that Bougereau's painting was done in 4' x 3' !! Mine is 12 x 16".

Great fun :)

Very nice! Is it lots of glazing over dead layers etc?

We didn't do any glazing as it was done over 2 days alla prima. I still have not done much with glazing, other than to play with duds to see what would happen. I am much too much an impatient painter for the Old Masters techniques!!!

I've been going to the ARC site for around a year now. Recently they started asking for membership fees of around $30 per year, but it's well worth it. Membership helps them pay for web site costs and you get the larger views of the artwork and high rez images.

Another similar site is the Google Art Project:



Hi Richard - thanks for the post - what a great site - I reckon you can just learn so much from other artists works - especially the masters.

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