Found a great artist web siteI love how he paints worth looking at

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Thank you Sandra, I love Qiang's work. Merry Christmas

Sandra, I just took a workshop with Qiang Huang in Houston Last weekend. He gave a very informative workshop.

Two demonstrations. Day 1 and 2, a lecture, and painting 4 hours. Day 3- we painted from 9am-12 then he had a

talk telling us about marketing, how to set up a blog, sell our paintings, photograph paintings, etc. His style is loose and

using pure color with sculptural brush strokes.


I am so envious of Marilyn right now . Marilyn will you add your painting from the workshop ?

George, If you see this. Take a look at the youtube demo by Carol Marine. She is having a class in Texas in March. But,

the 6 hour drive is a little tuff on me. Carol also has a blog as well as Qiang. All out of Daily Paintworks. It is a great auction site, you make more money on your paintings. Personnally, I am not into the money deal now. But, Qiang went from making a living as an engineer to a full time artist, because of Daily Paintworks. Ebay.... is ok and some artists use it. .... but, they get a better price for their work through Daily Paintworks. Thanks for the link George,. 


I'v seen those too and agree with you they are fabulous. 

  Regards, George

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