Mannerrin brought up a comment about the color harmony I used on my painting, "A Captive Audience".  As Mannerrin pointed out, it is a double complimentary color scheme:  Violet/yellow, and Blue/Orange.  When painting a scheme using 2 pairs of compliment colors, one pair of compliments should be the dominate this case it is the Violet/Yellow.  In both complimentary pairs, ONE color will be dominant this case, the Violet is dominant, and the yellow is subordinate.  In the Blue/Orange pair, the Blue is dom. and the Orange is Sub.  BUT .....between the two pairs ..the Violet/Yellow is the dominant complimentary pair.  The Violet takes a larger amount of space then the blue, and the Yellow takes a larger amount of space then the Orange.  Also, the yellow is at its most intense saturation and value at the focal point area ...the other areas are subdued. It is okay to spread all of those colors everywhere, but they ALL must be subdued ..there can be only ONE color with extreme everything.  I hope this info helps you in your quest for good color relationships!!  Happy Painting.

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I've read it and tried to process it, now I have to digest it and then of course to use it ! 

Nice explanation of color harmony Michael. I love using this in my paintings and am always aware of this when developing a painting. Sometimes, though, I end up with too strong dominant colors and not enough subdued. Good reminder:)

Thank you for sharing your double complimentary color scheme Michael.

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