I spend a lot of time looking at photographs and art both on the computer and in the world.  While on the computer I can find myself clicking from one to the next for long periods of time. EXAMPLE: On The Complete Artist, you can spend an easy hour going through the 140+ pages.

Which leads me to this thought:

I am wondering what piece of art can you look at for hours? One that makes you stop and indulge every inch. It's not a piece you are working on at the moment, but a finished piece (yours or someone else's). One that you can just sit a poor over, walk away come back and do it again. One that keeps you asking questions. One that makes you daydream. One that makes you want to PAINT.

Where I live, I can go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There I can go see a sunflower painting by Van Gogh or a few others and just look at them for hours. It is a little difficult to do sometimes because you want to look at all the other work.(The best way to combat that is to look at all the other works first, then stop and enjoy you one of choice for as long as you would like) There are also tons of galleries in the area as well for me to peruse. I feel like I am constantly on the look out for a piece which keeps my attention. (Maybe it is my curse) It's almost like a game.


What do you think?

PLEASE SHARE SOME ART IN WHICH YOU CAN LOOK AT FOR HOURS - I think it would be neat for everyone on here to share the ONE PIECE which completely takes them away.




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Not too many art galleries here in central Arkansas, but I really enjoy looking at the art viewable through the Google Art Project -- I love to zoom in to see the brush strokes.

Also my dh and myself got to vacation in the Sedona area this summer so I was able to see some really cool southwest art in a few galleries there and on the way home we spent a few hours in Santa Fe and walked around Canyon Drive visiting various art studios - I really enjoyed it. 


I grew up in the South. I was born in Alabama, lived in Memphis and Atlanta as a kid. When I first moved to Philadelphia I was blown away by the amout of art in the area, but at that time I was just really starting to think art outside of myself and my work. I went to NYC and that was a whole other level. I learned a lot. Now when I go back home, I find there is more out there in the South than I ever thought. So, you might not have as many galleries, but it is out there if you are looking. I have heard of Canyon Drive. I have been across country a couple of times as well, but did not go through Santa Fe. It must be really nice. 


Do you have a link from the Google Art Project of your favorite painting?What inspires you and your work? Do you have a story about a particular piece?


thank you for sharing.

I find myseft looking closely at a lot of the Van Gogh works.  Love zooming in to see his brushwork and reading about the works.  My only complaint is that I can't convert the cm sizes into feet/inches to see how big the work really is.

Some I have in my favorite folder:






and of course i love Starry Night


Found another fave when looking again tonight:


Hey, a couple of fellow southerners! Morgan, I lived in Memphis for years. There are only two art museums in Memphis that I'm aware of, Dixon and Brooks.

I'm glad you posted those Van Gogh links Shirley, I didn't know you could examine art at that level on the internet. I was just telling my wife that I was going to the art exhibit at Arkansas State University and look at the brushstrokes, underpaintings, etc. Now I can do it online. Great resource Shirley.


Steve McArthur

I recently went to a Rembrandt exhibit in Raleigh. I'm going back before it ends. I can just sit in front of one of his paintings for hours. It makes me appreciate his gift. Just to think , he had to mix his own paint. It really wows me.

Thank you

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