How to add the gamut mask to your work, Revised - Inspired by Aurelia who asked the question

Instructions revised:-

1. To copy the picture of the gamut mask, first click on the window to assure it is active, then press the ALT key and also the "PrtScn" (print screen) tab at the same time, then release both keys.  The PrtScn is located at the top right hand side of your keyboard.

2. Next, open the application where you would like to paste the image.  I used Microsoft Word in this example. 

3. Paste the image by pressing the Control Key and the V key at the same time.  The image should appear in your document.  

4. Then right click on the picture and you will see the picture outlined in a square. (shown in the first picture)

6. Left click on the top right hand circle and drag the top right hand corner so that it minimizes the picture, if you choose to minimize it.

7. Then follow the same procedure as outlined in #1. & #2., to copy and paste your painting to the same page on Microsoft Word.

8. In the example below, I have put both the gamut mask and my own picture next to each other, but there are other options if you prefer.

9. The use the "PrtScn" tab on the keyboard and save it to your desktop.  The file will automatically be saved to a jpg file and can be uploaded to Complete Artist.

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