Chris Warner shows you step by step how to photograph your art work, using both professional and economy light setups.
     The professional set up is using two lights of equal bulb wattage and the economy setup uses two light sources of different bulb wattage.
     The following is the tip for economy setup.He suggests that when using two light sources that are unequal in bulb wattage, the tip is to use a pencil which will reflect two different tonal value shadows on the wall.
      To do this, a pencil is placed in the vertical position in the middle of your picture on the wall.  The pencil reflects two cast shadows of different tonal values.
      By moving one of the light sources away from the picture on the wall, you are able to adjust the shadows, until they are equal in tonal value.
      To see the other light and camera setups here is the You Tube link:!

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Comment by Patricia Genever on June 26, 2012 at 12:58

You're welcome Hilary, I rather liked this you tube video myself, as it has a lot of practical merit..  It helps us move to the next level also...


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