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How would you categorize your painting style?
beginner :-), trying everything; (painting with fingers, on walls) mainly interested in light n
Are you a full time artist?
Some Time
Who are your favourite 2 artists?
William Turner; Thomas Moran
Do you have any goals for your painting?
Just to have a good time and make others happy with my paintings. I also like learning and expressing myself, I used to write poems and novels, play the piano etc. So I would like to be able to express myself and put whatever is in my head on the canvas, learn how to create an atmosphere with light and color. (My website is not up to date....)
What's your website address? (If any)

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At 3:35 on November 9, 2010, Roena King said…
I would guess that after 2 weeks of playing on the ranch we will be more than ready to hand it back over and hit the road again. I do take lots of pic, but it would be impossible to send them to you on this site. If you would not mind getting e-mails from me, and especially some pic right away, I can send you what I sent out to friends this summer. It is easy, as I only have to forward the e-mails. You can see where we have traveled to. I use 2 e-mails, my old work one is and the one I use all the time is I use the old work one to send out photos as it is in Outlook. // Would love to see the atmospherphic painting. // I used to make some cheese balls as gifts. I know 2 ladies who are making book marks by painting on WC paper, then laminating. Sew a button on the front-top to slip the book pages under so it does not fall out of the book. / This year I am giving the Cowboy painting to daughter & new husband. Making a polo mallete blanket for one grand daughter. money to the others. Don and I almost dont need anything!
At 22:08 on November 5, 2010, Roena King said…
Hey....Thank you. I'm glad you liked my exercise on the cubes. It was fun although way more realistic than what I am aiming for. The Cowboy...well...I am so happy that I have it back! I did not even have a photo of it since I did it back in 1978! I did not really remember the painting much less the color I had put on the hands and face. It gave my little self a ego boost! LOL Our daughter gets it for a Christmas present this year. She has a house. Right now I have it leaned on the couch just so I get to enjoy it for a month before I give it away. We are having such fun here on the Texas coast. Getting some great photos of the birds and surf/waves. We hope to go to Padre Island National Seashore tomorrow ( that name for pic. The beach starts to change there with whiter sand and taller dunes. Hope for some better less populated photos.. Thanksgiving & Christmas we are off to our daughter's ranch near Sealy, Texas to "babysit" the ranch while they take some trips. Don drives the BIG tractor to move round bails of hay to feed the 50++ cows, and I feed the 7-8 polo ponies. Horses are "stupid" so I dont get in the pasture with them when I feed. Throw in the chickens, dogs and cats you your pretty much have it! // I am trying not to be all talk (LOL) so I am thinking I can drive a pickup out in the back someplace and try at least one tiny plien aire painting. No one can see me and the landscape might be simple. I hope! I have done plien aire in WC, but not in oils. I am so slow when I paint, and everytime I tried to speed up like RR I just want to throw it in the trash! /// What are you planning to make for gifts? Ro PS It is so good to hear from you!
At 3:17 on October 21, 2010, Roena King said…
Oh Bernadett, a spa! How heavenly sounding. I once had a body masage, and it was so good. // What? Did you say you had done the book Draw Rt Brain too? I forgot. You mentioned drawing neg space. // Can not wait to see your balls, pleae post them so we can encourage people to post their drawings too. Drawing is art as well as painting. I have friends on another site who do nothing but graphite. // When you do the balls, any lid will make the circle. You do not have to have the canning lid. // I worked some more on the lemon in the orange painting. Greatly improved it. A friend told me the round end of the lemon needed to be extended to a bigger curve. I did that, added a bit more shadow, and fixed the pointy end more natural. // I'm off to doing color now. I have 6 colored cubes arranged and stacked for a painting. The exercise is to see how the color on 3 sides of the cube change in the light and in shadow. I figured why make it easy on my self an do a painting per color so I stacked up 6 colors that might even be a cute painting when finished. // We are on our way here, Port Aransas, TX, on the Gulf of Mexico for a month. It is like the ocean, beaches, and lots of birds. I love bird watching. If you have google earth look there too. Talk soon, Roena
At 5:12pm on October 17, 2010, Roena King gave Bernadett Budavári a gift
Just wanted to let you know you were a special friend to me. I am glad I found you. Roena
At 5:08 on October 15, 2010, Roena King said…
Having a good day. LOL I just added 5 new drawings for you to see. 4 of them were exercises out of the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. This book is excellent! If you do the exercises she teaches "tricks" to handle any situation. The things I learned out of the book gave me the courage to even attempt the turkey and elk. Ro
At 4:37 on October 15, 2010, Roena King said… On Martins page look for the drawing Grist Mill - look in the water for the rocks under the water! ////// On Murphy Art. Elliott page just look as he can draw about anything. //// On Steve's page you have to look at different little categories. //// On this one look for LAUREN. ////// I am sorry, I thought there were more landscapes than there are. At least you can see some really good graphite art. ////////// Congratulations on your 4th wedding anniversary. We are fixing to have our 46th next Feb. ///// Go look at my drawing of the hand holding the banana. First you tone (completely cover the page with graphite using side of the pencil led - now take a paper towel and rub in circles to blend - then start your drawing and using a kneeded eraser "lift out" the highlights. If you want to change anything, erase that part, re-tone the paper and draw again. I completely changed the thumb as I thought it was too thick. I might add that I draw with a light touch so I could do that change. I look forward to seeing your drawings. The neat thing about drawing is you can stop and start again so very quickly and work for short to long periods of time. Eventually they get get completed. Ro //// Oh, on the 5pencilmethiod....he mentions using the canning lid....dont buy one, just use "any small lid " that will draw about a 2 inch circle!!!!! That is all you are going to do is draw a circle to practice the ball drawings. Ro
At 3:57 on October 13, 2010, Roena King said…
Hey that is a well done website! I am a language challenged person who only knows English, so I could not ready the page about you. Tell your husband he did a good job. /// I really liked the drawing of the light streaming through the trees. It was similar to my Forest Light painting. We must have been in the same place in our minds. he he /// The people drawings were good. Did you go look at my balls on my gallery yet? That was an exercise from Derrel Tanks - That is free intro lessons where he teaches the "tapered stroke" (and I did my balls). Look here for one of his drawings of 2 children. /// Drawing is art so I encourage you to put your drawing on here. /// I went through the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and put some of those drawings on here. After the book instructions I did the turkey and the elk both on my gallery. I spent about 10 days drawing each of those at at least 40 hours on each one too. I gave them to my nephew who framed with nice black and white mats and a nice black frame. I was very impressed at how pretty they turned out. //// Click on this -- I hope it will open for you without being a member of that site. Dasie is a really good friend of mine and only works in graphite. This is just to show you what some people are doing in grpahite. Let me know if you want me to find a guy who does more landscapes and still lifes and I will find him. He is on the same site /// One guy I will have to search for and the other is Murphy Art Elliott. Murphy sells his drawings on Fine Art America and other places. Ro
At 9:16 on October 12, 2010, Roena King said…
Drawing? drawing? I did not see any drawings on your gallery. How about photographing and sticking them in? What do you like to draw? I know a really good graphite artist that does people. He has some free lessons on the net, then wants you to sign up for some of his classes. If you want to do people I would recomend you looking at him. If landscapes, I just have some friends who do some great work to just admire. /// Glad you had some success with the painting. // I had a total flop. It has been a long time since I was HUMBLED (he he) by something yucky. By that I mean I have enough experience to be able to fix it when it looks stupid. LOL It was a stupid orange in the gray scale. Not sure why it was so hard. I am thinking because all the values are really close together. Still pondering on that, and will tackle a orange cube to study the values and then maybe try a orange again. /// We moved to a new location only 60 miles south (in USA south is warmer) and it looks like spring because of all the wild flowers still blooming. We are having great shorts weather. So pleasant. Ro
At 2:27 on October 8, 2010, Roena King said…
OH boy......dear friend......we are on the same page here. I too am more interested in the effects of light, and I dont want to do people either. I have done that in the past so I figure I could, but....I keep talking to my self to FOCUS. At 65 I dont have time to waste chasing around! Besides nothing wrong with being a pro at landscapes with "great light effects". he he /// Yes, I finished the onion and posted it last night. /// I saw a painting of an orange with the pealing pealed back but still attached that I liked, so that will be my next exercise. Perhaps I will do 2 more, then go for some color. /// Let me know how your weekend painting session goes. I can't wait to see it!!! Ro
At 2:30 on October 7, 2010, Roena King said…
Over the years I have had friends and we would walk together. One time one of us would just talk the other's head's off, then the next time the other would be the one to do all the talking. So I understand about the need to talk. It is ok!!! About being perfect. There is never any bad art. I wonder if you could talk yourself into art - not to be perfect - but - art to let yourself be free. Any brush stroke is good and the first brush stroke is something to lead to the next brush stroke. """"Boy was that ever a bunch of stuff...........I should listen to myself talk........and losen up too!!!!!""""""" In my past painting years I thought I wanted to paint like a photograph. I no longer want to do that. I want to paint with color making the big statement and much more lose. RR (Richard Robinson paints like I would like - impressionest but still a little detail) I think I could live with that. My problem is when I am painting and I dont know "what to do" -- here comes all thos tiny details. /// Last couple of days have been busy with life, but today I hope to paint an onion. Still doing the values exercises in RR color course. OH, I want to be a landscape artist. That is my goal. Do you have something you would like to be a master artist in? You might not have painted long enough (2 years) to have made such a choice. Ro


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